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Liturgy of the Hours

Suggestions by Anne Medeiros, T.O.C

"The Nun's Answer" by A Carmelite Nun

"Lying Awake" by Mark Saltzman

"My Beloved" by Mother Catherine Thomas

"Sister Claire" by Loretta Burrough

*Recommeded Carmelite Book. The Order can get it from N.Y. giftshop.
"With Mary to the Mountain",
Rev. McCartty & Rev. Rafferty O'Carms.

Suggestions by Beverly Sullivan

"Bread of Heaven"
A Treasury of Carmelite Prayers and Devotions on the Eucharist,
Compiled by Penny Hickey, O.C. D. S.

"Desert Mystics" by Linus Mundy

"A Western Way of Meditation, The Rosary Revisited"
by David Burton Bryan

"He is my heaven. The life of Elizabeth of the Trinity"
by jennifer Moorcroft

"Carmelite Spirituality in the Tersian Tradition"
by Paul-Marie of The Cross, OCD

"Eternal Wisdom From The Desert"
Writings from the Desert Fathers
Edited and mildly moderized by Henry L. Carrigan Jr.

"The Springs of Carmel"
An introduction to Carmelite Spirituality
by Peter Slattery

"The Practice of The Presence of God"
Critical Edition
By Brother Lawrence of the Resurrection,
translated by Salvatore Sciurba, OCD

"Carmel, Land of the Soul"
by Carolyn Humphreys, OCDS, OTR

"Ascent of Mount Carmel"
by John of The Cross

Methods of Prayer
by Kilian J. Healy, O.Carm, former Prior General

The Carmelite Rule (1207-2007).
Proceedings of the Lisieux Conference
Edizioni Carmelitane, Roma 2008. ISBN 978-88-7288-102-6. ISSN: 0394-7793. 40 Euro.



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Ascent of Mt. Carmel

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